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Fees and Charges

It is free to sign up and create a profile as either a job poster or service provider.

Posting a Job

If you are posting a job or task that is also free. You have an option to upgrade to a featured job (which is shown predominantly through out the site and will thus get more attention) for a small one time fee.

Please note we have a review system in place to ensure the quality of our service providers.

However we are here to provide a listing/ finder service. We have not screened and verified each providers qualifications.
You should carry out any appropriate due diligence on the provider that you select.
And do not pay them until the task is done (or only pay an initial deposit for larger tasks)

We strongly suggest you keep a safe privacy attitude at all time. Do not post your address, your website log-ins or any personal or private information online. The provider may need this data to complete the task but this should be communicated to them via a secure method. We would suggest talking to them on the phone as well if this is possible.

Submitting A Proposal

If you wish to submit a proposal for a posted job there is a small fee to do so.  You can pay directly via credit card or paypal or you can purchase a number of in-site credit to use. (Credits do not expire)

There are no other costs or fees involved. Unlike other sites we do not take a percentage of the final fee – this is paid by the job poster to you directly.

All jobs are screened/reviewed before they are allowed to be posted.  In the unlikely event that a posted job is not genuine or is spam please contact us and we will review the post and credit you back your fee.

Additional terms And Conditions of Use


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